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Music is an essential part of the ministry of Westside Baptist Church. The Psalms often refer to God’s people singing a “new song” or the “Lord’s song.” At Westside, we emphasize the importance of music as an act of worship, bringing the Lord a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving each week as we gather in His presence.

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Ensemble (8-12 vocalists)

This group of singers present specials periodically throughout the year. Their presentations help prepare hearts to receive the Word of God. They enjoy learning new music, working together in harmony, proclaiming God’s Word in song, and encouraging one another through prayer and acts of kindness.  


Kids 4 Truth Singers 

During Children’s Church and on Wednesday evenings as part of our Kids 4 truth program they are learning new songs. The kids will often sing during special services like Missions Conferences, Easter, Veterans Day services and Christmas. It is an opportunity for kids to not only learn the techniques of singing, but also learn ministry involvement and use their talents/gifts at a young age. 



The Westside Baptist Orchestra is an important part of our Sunday services. Their role includes everything from accompanying congregational singing to playing offertory pieces. The full orchestra includes strings, winds, and brass —a fitting collection of musicians to offer praise to the Lord!


Other Instrumental Groups 

Westside also offers a Brass Ensemble and mixed groups of instrumentalists to minister on Sunday mornings and other special services.


Soloists and Small Groups

Instrumental and vocal soloists and small groups present often in our services. They usually choose their music and acquire their accompanist. Rehearsals vary according to when they are on the schedule.