Internship Program

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This internship provides a bridge from the classroom experience to the ministry experience in a local church setting. The intern will be exposed to various needs, opportunities, and methods involved in children, teen, and camp ministry in the Northwest.

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This internship will provide an intense forum for ministry evaluation. The three pastors of Westside have the privilege to fulfill the command of mentoring “faithful men” (2 Tim 2:2) as well as sharing their  burden for the Northwest. The intern will provide another good example of a Christlike servant for the youth and church body. The intern will also help allow the other pastors to invest time in other areas of ministry and to increase the efforts of Westside Baptist Church in reaching the lost.

The Length: Middle of May – Middle of August

The Location: Eugene is the second largest city in Oregon with a population of 156,185 as of the 2010 census. Eugene is located at the south end of the Willamette Valley with the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers running through town. Eugene is located 50 miles from the Oregon Coast.

Eugene is home to the University of Oregon. The city is also noted for its natural beauty, recreational opportunities, focus of the arts, activist political leanings, and residents with "alternative" lifestyles. It is referred to as “Track Town, USA.” The Nike Corporation had its beginnings in Eugene. Oregon is one of the most unchurched states in the United States. The need for the gospel to be spread in the Northwest is great.

The Ministry Opportunities: The intern will be able to grow through ministering to children and young people with children’s church, Truthopolis, Vacation Bible School, Teen Time, College / Career Bible Study, and Bible camp. A big part of the summer will be with the ministry of Camp Northwest. The intern will have a couple opportunities to preach before the church body. The intern will also be involved in door to door visitation. The intern will be exposed to staff meetings, deacons meetings, and the normal daily schedule of a pastor.

The Instruction: Pastor Greg Kaminski planted Westside Baptist Church in 1979. Pastor Nathan Damm came out to Westide in the summer of 2004. The pastors will be involved in weekly mentoring sessions with the intern. The sessions will include topics such as, the pastor’s personal and family life, church finances, philosophy of missions, funerals and weddings, preaching, the second man, children ministry, teen ministry, camp ministry, and more.

The Pay: The church has decided to pay for the interns traveling expenses to come out to Eugene and to return home, to pay $150 a week salary, and to take up a love offering (around $1500) at the end of the summer to go towards tuition. Housing will be provided and some meals each week as well as a reliable car and covered fuel expenses. A $1,000 college scholarship is also available to those who intern at Westside. An application for the scholarship and qualifications do apply.

Contact Info: You can also apply at Click on the link “Internship Program” on the bottom of the home page.